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It is mandatory that the child completes the prescribed age as on 31st May for that academic year to qualify for admission.



Toddler Program    :    Fledglings

AGE    :    18 months and above to below 2.6 Yrs of age

TIMING    :    9:30am to 11:00 am / 11:00 am to 12:30pm


This carefully studied programme focuses on fostering basic trust in the child and development of movement and independence . This is a parent - child programme as this is the first time the child steps out of the comfort zone of home .The toddler is allowed to explore the environment in the presence of the parent / an adult in whom he has complete trust. The adult accompanying the toddler is allowed to stay in the environment for the entire duration of time.


PRE-K    :    Little Finch

AGE    :    2.6 years to below 3.6 years

TIMING    :    9:30am to 12:30pm


When our FLEDGLINGS grow old enough and begin to learn to spread their wings with just the mentors to guide them , they move on to the "little finch" environment. Here they learn ,play , laugh and acquire gross and fine motor skills , development of language ,vocabulary and auditory skills.


Kindergarten - 1     :     Buntings

AGE    :    3.6 years to below 4.6 years

TIMING    :    9:30am to 1pm


Our kindergarten program recognizes that children will soon be entering schools that have a range of expectations for a child's social and academic performance. Our comprehensive curriculum places clear emphasis on continuing development of strong language, reading and writing abilities, and math skills essential for ongoing success in school and life.

Our kindergarten curriculum extends the planned child-choice, student-centered learning environment and incorporates the academic expectations of local and state curriculum standards so children make a successful and seamless transition to school.


Kindergarten - 2     :     Flamingos

AGE    :    4.6 years to below 5.6 years

TIMING    :    9:30am to 2pm


At this level the emphasis is on providing a developmentally appropriate , skill-based program designed to meet the needs of children to ensure a smooth transition from pre-school to primary school .